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 "Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision."

Peter Drucker 

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Leadership for strategic growth

  • Proven ability developing realistic timelines for short and long term growth horizons as it relates to any and all disciplines while addressing immediate points of pain and increasing profits.
  • Evaluate and provide business practices to scale your concept that are "on Brand" to your concept.
  • Expectation management is critical to your company, your investors, your  Board and your people.
  • Market entry and real estate strategies: how, when, and why. 
  • Supply chain strategies and practices to ensure product and profits.
  • People practices: less is more, training & development, team-building.
  • Organizational structure and change.
  • Marketing and Branding.
  • Ensuring culture.
  • Operations excellence ensuring increased profitability.
  • Attracting capital on favorable terms due to execution of entire concept.
  • Change management.
  • Brand transformation.
  • Exit strategies and execution.

Who is this guy?

Erich Overhardt has amassed decades of experience in casual and quick service restaurants, creating and sustaining high revenues and enormous growth, building and launching companies and markets, leading organizational and strategic planning, overseeing operations, financial forecasting, supply chain, franchise licensing and sales, new business development, creating and establishing branding and brand visibility, real estate strategies, site selection and execution plus ownership of multiple franchises.  

A company-builder at the highest level, Erich’s unique skill set, capabilities and experience have established him as a premiere entrepreneurial figure in the world of restaurants. 

  • Consistent track record of increasing sales, customer counts and profitability for all companies he has consulted.
  • Erich played a major role over his 12 years in the transformation the Chipotle Mexican Grill chain from two restaurants in Denver Colorado into a sector-dominating position, due to the business practices he employed and the higher profits that resulted. Subsequently, Erich played many crucial roles in the opening of dozens of markets and hundreds of stores nationwide. As an original member of the Executive team, Erich sculpted the future of the Chipotle Brand, its business practices and growth strategies.  As a result of his actions and leadership, Chipotle expanded to 600 restaurants with annual revenues in excess of 750m.  Additionally, Chipotle experienced the most successful IPO for a restaurant company. 
  • First operations person who created the framework and strategy for the future of: all operations functions, supply chain top to bottom and new market development while hiring hundreds of people.  In his first year at Chipotle, Erich increased sales over 50% and store EBITDA over 100%.
  • Positions held at Chipotle: Regional Executive Director, Supply Chain Executive Director, Operations Executive Director, Franchising Executive Director, and New Market Development Executive Director.  
  • Other responsibilities for Erich during his administration included: insurance, creating food safety programs, ombudsman, documenting all recipes and with Steve taking them out to manufacturers for production, hiring thousands of people, Branding, marketing, PR and shaping Chipotle' Culture.
  • Before Chipotle, Erich, for 13 years, owned and operated Little Caesars Pizza franchises in San Diego and South Dakota.  Pioneering the brand into California and starting with one store, Erich learned every aspect of owning a business and gained the unparalleled perspective of having his well-being on the line every day, while working his way towards owning 18 different operations, along with founding and serving as President of the San Diego advertising co-op, on which he served for four years.   
  • Erich also led the expansion of Sotheby’s International Realty into the Florida Keys by acquiring and designing office space in Islamorada, identifying and creating a team of real estate professionals plus creating strategic alliances and programs garnering a larger market share with the launch of Ocean Sotheby’s International Realty.
  • Erich has consulted for numerous companies throughout the country creating and implementing growth strategies, driving out costs, creating inefficiencies and accelerating profits.  He has chaired and served on Advisory Boards, as well as acting as CEO and COO at EVOS. 
  • He has opened over 30 markets domestically.
  • Participated with PE firms on evaluation of businesses and their ability to scale and whether or not they have "legs" to grow to a national Brand.
  • Designed and executed PPM's and capital raises.
  • Constructed entity changes and forming of Boards.
  • Earlier in his career Erich traveled the world as a trip director for Carlson Marketing managing trip schedules and hosting corporate executives for business meetings and incentive programs.   

Erich is an avid offshore fisherman and has lived in south Florida for the past 10 years. He serves on local Boards for fishing and conservation of off-shore fishing and works with local animal rescues.        

What I am passionsionate about

Guiding people and organizations  to perform at the highest level possible while creating time for individuals to do what they do best.  

Making clean food accessible and affordable to everyone. 

Working with good people to Nourish organizational balance and planning which is imperative to creating success, happiness, satisfaction and financial prosperity. 

I am craving a new adventure with an organization that is growing looking to take their business to the next level either in a consulting role or as a full time employee.

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